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SwitchBack Pad Installation

Posted By Tim Crowley in News on Dec 04, 2016

The installation of the SwitchBack pad is very similar to other pads, but can be a little confusing because the buckles are hidden under the seat. This guide will show you how to install the SwitchBack pad on your truck!

To start, undo the straps on the front of the pad.

Lay the pad on the tailgate, so the front flap hangs off of the tailgate.

Feed the 3 straps under the tailgate and to the other side. If working by yourself, it is easiest to do 1 strap at a time. You will need to lift the tailgate slightly to create a gap to feed the strap through, be careful to not pinch your fingers.


With the strap through the tailgate, feed it through the buckle as shown in the pictures below.


Repeat the steps to secure all 3 straps of the pad. With the straps not fully tightened, position the pad to center the daisy chain on the top of the tailgate. Tighten the 3 straps to hold the pad in place.

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  • Jim King says...

    On May 03, 2020

    How do mountain bikes attach to the pad, I do not see any “connection straps” in the photos.

    Where is your dealer in Mississauga Ontario?

    Thank you,

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